Mushroom hunting is an incredibly rewarding activity with obvious risks involved. By purchasing this course and completing its contents, the user understands that there is inherent and unavoidable risk in outdoor activities relating to hunting and consuming wild mushrooms. These risks include but are not limited to the dangers of hiking in difficult terrain, the possibility of misidentifying a wild mushroom, and the possible allergic or toxic reaction that some individuals may have to otherwise edible mushrooms. NOW THEREFORE, the user hereby agrees to the following: 1. The User assumes all risks associated with foraging and eating wild mushrooms. The User expressly acknowledges that it is the User’s sole responsibility to determine whether a wild mushroom may be consumed. 2. The User releases, holds harmless, and indemnifies Adam Haritan and Learn Your Land from any and all liability relating to any injury or illness incurred by the User as a result of harvesting and eating wild mushrooms.


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